Property Services

For customers who do not rent their properties

Key Holding: This is the simplest of our services. We can hold your property’s keys and upon your request, we can deliver them to anyone that you request. We will, of course, keep a registry of anyone who we deliver your keys to and we will inform you when your keys have been delivered or returned.

Weekly Property Check: This weekly check is designed to make sure that your property is in good shape when you are not available for extended periods of time. We will inform you of any anomaly that we find so you can take action.

Complete Home Care and Maintenance: This is a step up from the previous option and it involves weekly checks as well as regular cleanings and handling of any issue that we find. Your property will always be in perfect shape.

Swimming Pool and Garden Maintenance: Gardens and swimming pools give any property that final touch that makes then stand above the rest. They require cleaning and maintenance to be in top shape which is something that we can take care of for you.

Project Management: Sometimes it is hard to figure out whom to talk to or hire for a specific project, other times the project is simply too complex to keep track of without someone with experience yet other times there is simply no time to give it the attention that it needs. Over the years we have amassed much experience working with many architects, contractors, plumber, electricians, decorators, and many other people in the trade. If you have a project in mind, be it updating a bathroom, renovating a kitchen or even a major construction project, let us know. We can fully manage it or simply give you advice and share our contacts.

Architectural Photography Services: Bringing out the best of your property’s pictures is much more than just point-and-shoot. Extensive experience, top-notch equipment and much patience will deliver pictures of your property that will make you feel proud. We have different packages depending on your needs, including interiors, exteriors and aerial.

Paperwork Assistance: We know how it feels to get through the sometimes convoluted Spanish bureaucracy. You do not need to worry anymore; just let us know what you need and we will let you know when it is done.

Swimming pool cleaning and maintenance